Gift Idea For Grandparents:Saregama Carvaan SC03 Portable Speaker With Bluetooth(Original)

The Carvaan is a new Bluetooth speaker released by the famous Indian music label Saregama. As you would expect from such as source, the Carvaan isn’t just a simple speaker. It’s got a number of interesting features built-in, most notable of which is that it comes with 5,000 classic Hindi songs, which you can listen to anytime you want to, without any Internet connection. The other thing that really stands out is the design of the speaker, which looks like a classic portable radio.¬†Saregama went with a chunky and boxy design for the Carvaan, which is decidedly retro.

The Carvaan supports USB playback, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and there’s a Saregama mode which lets you play the stored collection. Saregama is one of the most famous music labels in India, and on its website states that it is the custodian of over half the music recorded in India, with a history that stretches back to 1901. The Radio Geetmala commentary by Ameen Sayani included in the device goes back to 1952.

Users Review:

Saregama Carvaan SCo3 :Switch on the Carvaan the first time, and it starts off in Saregama mode, on Geetmala. You can use the tuning knob to move forward across the years, from 1952 to 1979. The forward and back buttons under the tuning knob let you move forward between the different tracks on the record.

You can also press the Moods button to switch between different genres using the tuning knob, and the Artistes button lets you do that for different singers. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Saregama Carvaan It’s worth noting that the organisation of tracks is a little confusing – for instance, turning the knob moves you from Asha Bhosle to Mohammed Rafi, and if you keep turning the dial you get get Jagjit Singh and then SD Burman. The songs themselves are also not seemingly organised, but it’s a minor quibble.Carvaan

Saregama Carvaan You’ll use the same knob to move across tracks on a USB drive, and to tune the FM radio. Using the FM radio is actually a lot of fun. You simply turn the knob to tune through the various frequencies – it’s not an analog knob like a real old radio would have, but you still get to experience some of the same feeling, of physically tuning the radio. Many people reading this might never have experienced that, but it was a fun bit of nostalgia for us when testing the Carvaan.

carvaan knob close carvaan

Product Specification:
  • Saregama Carvaan 5000 pre-loaded evergreen Hindi songs from legends like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, R.D Burman and many more
  • Saregama Caravaan SCo3 USB and Bluetooth modes to enable you to enjoy your personal collection of songs
  • In-built stero speakers
  • SCo3¬†A rechargeable battery that last up to 5 hours
  • All India service network
  • 12 months in-home warranty support
  • LCD Screen display read more..

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